Core Values

Vision statement: Living to draw closer to God and to our neighbour.

St Lawrence Church - Mission

Our mission is to create a vibrant family of loving and hope-filled believers who are passionate in their pursuit of knowing Abba Father more deeply, knowing Jesus our Saviour more intimately and knowing the presence and power of Holy Spirit more fully, as we love Him and love our neighbours in the way He loves us, and see his Kingdom come into every area of our lives.

Our Core Values

We are a community of believers who have a love and passion for God, for people, for family and for community.

Living to draw closer to God

  • To seek God first above everything else and give Him the very best in our worship, as we live to draw closer to Him and build a personal relationship with Him each day.
  • To be like Jesus in all we are and do.
  • To welcome and embrace the presence, gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit.
  • To value the Word of God, the bible, and teach and encourage one another to walk in the truth.
  • To live as children of a loving heavenly Father.

Living to draw closer to our community

  • To impact our community, society and culture with the culture of heaven.
  • To cherish and nurture family in all its fullness.
  • To support missions and community events locally and abroad.
  • To serve our community and island, and not just the Church.
  • To be good stewards and generous givers.
  • To build on our good relationships with other local churches and organisations in Jersey, as well as those abroad.